Nov 2, 2008

"It's Spooky in Here" (Digimon Halloween Song)

Friday was Halloween! WooHoo!

For the first time ever, Kate and Andrew and I (Erika) had a Trunk or Treat trunk. We decorated our trunk like Hannah Montana. Unfortunately we are also incompetant so we don't have a picture of all of us or our trunk. But! It looked spectacular. We borrowed a Hannah poster and cut out a bunch of purple circles and yellow stars and taped them all over the trunk and the bumper. Kate was Hannah. Andrew was Robby Ray. And I was Lola/Lilly. The kids loved us. It was better than last year when we dressed up as them cause people actually knew who we were.

Here's Hannah:

And here's Lola:

And yes, Andrew - she is pigeon toed.

We don't have any pictures of Robby Ray. But he looked good.

The most notable happenings of the trunk or treat were these:

1. Me offering a little boy a piece of candy and him sticking his tongue out at me and walking away.

2. Kate being impressed with a little boy's light up candy bag and saying, "Woah, that's a really cool bag ya got there!" To which he responded, "It's just a flashlight!!"

3. The homemade Spongebob Squarepants costume and Robot costume.

4. A little girl being in love with Andrew.

5. The skater boy who smiled at me. (yikes.)

6. The little girl who hugged Kate cause she was soooo excited to meet Hannah.

7. The number of risque costumes. (double yikes.)

And that's about that. It was suuper fun to see all the babies all dressed up. Not so much as fun to see all the adults trunk or treating.

After trunk or treat Kate and I went to Denny's because we hadn't eaten dinner yet and we were starvin' marvins. On the way there, we heard a song that was a combination of the Ghostbuster's theme song and Sexyback by Justin. Ohmygosh. It was. so. cool. Even though I'm definitely not a fan of Sexyback, I do like the ghostbusters song - and it made me happy.

Anyways. We wore our costumes there and on the way in some guy yelled, "Hey! I like your shiny hair." Hahaha. So Kate and I decided that the next time we get our hair done we are going to take the wigs into the salon and say, "here - make my hair do this." So I'll have a short blue pixie cut and Kate will have long blonde extra-shiny hair.

All in all it was a great Halloween.
And then on Saturday we went to Nate and Missy's house. And that's always a marvelous time. I got to meet Missy's sister Liz for the first time, and she's suuuper fun! We played all sorts of games -

1. Sniglet's [not the best game even though I won]
2. Compatibility [Kate and I totally kicked Nate and Missy's butts. We are more compatible than married people]
3. Scum [I was king twice and scum twice - so it was an average game for me]
4. X-men [Even though Kate and I totally sucked at killing the bad guys, it was fun. And! I got Wolverine on my team! That's an accomplishment!]
5. Uno where you make up a rule when you win. [Again, even though Kate and I didn't get to make up one rule, it was pretty much the best ever]

And, as if this weekend wasn't already good enough, it was Fall Back - so we got an extra hour added to our lives. Yess.

Ok. Time to get back to school and homework. Blech.

Peace out.


Andrew said...

Trunk or Treat was a blast. Thanks again.

You love skater boys!!!

The number of risque costumes is most disturbing because it was people who shouldn't have been wearing risque constumes at all.

I would suck at that Uno game. Cuz I never win!!!

kate.yo said...

we did suck at uno and x-men. hahahaha. but, sooo much fun. as is ghostbusters sexyback. could it replace phone home?
...never. but close. :)