Aug 12, 2009

Boom, Boom, Pow

Ok. We know. We've been baaaaaad.
It's been over a month since our last blog.
But absence makes the heart grow in reality, the time lapse in our blogs is for your betterment. You're welcome.

Buter got married. And we were there.

But first, we were there for her bachelorette party. There was Mongolian bbq, chocolate fondue fountain, chick flicks and presents. Scandalous, I know.

A week later, she got married, like we alluded to just a paragraph before.

I (Jessica) was fortunate enough to be asked to be Buterface's maid of honor, and Erika, Kate, and Adam made it up the day after to join me for the wedding.

It was a super classy and we were so happy to see one of our best friends get married.

And Erin's niece and nephew were SO cute walking down the aisle!!! They were Erika's favorite part :)

At the reception, things happened.

#1 - Adam did not dance and we were all aghast.
#2 - Boobs McGee was 26. Shocking. (note, she's the one wearing the pink dress...)

#3 - We sat with James Grant and it was great!! Holla!!
#4 - At each table, there was symbol of Erin and Matt's love - let's just say that in reference to our symbol, they'll have a great time "playing putt-putt" on their honeymoon.
#5 - Kate and Adam got closer. Not sure if I was ok with that...or that either of them were either ;)
#6 - Erin and Matt made out a lot. Gross.
#7 - They played Boom, Boom, Pow, Low, and Gimme More all at our request, though they tried to put up a fight.

And that's that.

We also got together with Jamar and Alison and Kate a couple days after the wedding and were able to hang out and have dinner and smell a guy who had used waaaaay too much cologne. Yikes.

That's pretty much it on our end. Well, almost. I started writing a book for Kate and Erika and it's sooooo good (aka, pretty cheesy, but intriguing), that I'll probably post a couple chapters at a time on my blog, hopefully get noticed by someone who wants to make it into a real book (and a movie to boot) and live happily ever after.

Get excited.

Love always,
Jessica and Erika

P.S. If you want to see more pictures from Buter's party and wedding, click here to see more.


Andrew said...

I'd like to hear more about this Boobs McGee. She sounds great.

kate.yo said...

this is tight.
also, sorry i almost gave your date a BJ.
if your parents read this: BJ stands for broken jewel.

James said...

hahaha. Boobs McGee.

Erin said...

Thanks for all the lovin!
Who is boobs mcgee? I can't tell from this pic.... do you have any idea? And how do you know she is 26? I'm so baffled....

Thanks for loving my wedding! I did too!

a.rose said...

The man with all the cologne!!!!!!!!!!