Jul 7, 2009

Beyond the Sea

Now that I'm (Jessica) half way through my trip, I feel like I can tell you about some of the "highlights."

Highlight #1 - It's not so much a highlight...just a huge part of our vacation...I'm hugely allergic to something down here...my eyes have been all irritated and allergy-y and it kind of sucks. I'm not a fan. And I've gone through a whole bottle of eye drops. Yuck. Today I've been good though - no allergy eyes. Granted, I didn't leave the room today, but still...

Highlight #2 - Putt-putt is only one of my favorite things in the world. I suck quite a bit at it, but it's always fun. And I don't care that I have bad form - it's only putt-putt...plus, I've been promised that I will be taught how to have correct form...but after the 9th hole.

Highlight #3 - Ripley's Believe It Or Not Aquarium...I really get so much joy from aquariums and zoos, which is interesting considering I hate animals and nature...but considering that I don't have to touch them, I think that makes sense as to why I love them. Also, this jellyfish picture is one of my favorite animal pics I've ever taken. I love it. Not to toot my own horn or anything...

Highlight #4 - Cirque de Chine - It's a little like Cirque de Soleil, but with Chinese people. This particular cast were the performers at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Somewhere around the 1:30 mark was my favorite part of the show...

Highlight #5 - Phone calls from back home. I know I'm supposed to be getting away from home on vacation, but it's sooo good to know that I'm loved :)

Highlight #6 - I've beaten my dad 3 out of the 4 times we've played rummy this week...and when he beat me, it was by 10 points.

Peace out
- Jessica

P.S. Low light of my life? Sheed is no longer a Piston :(

My heart is breaking into a million gazillion pieces.
I loved him more than anything.


hd said...

I feel like "loved more than anything" is a bit of an over statement

James said...

I think the tragically sad part of Sheed's exit is that a lot of GMs don't want him because of his tendency for T-fouls. True story.

Why can't we just keep him?

Andrew said...

1) Your China comment made me think of the Simpsons episode where they go to China and they ask Homer what he does for a living and he thinks "They don't know who I am, I can be anything I want" and he says "I'm a Chinese acrobat" and they ask him to be in an act.

2) Sheed wore out his welcome and no longer wanted to be here. I'll miss his antics and personality, but it was time.