Jun 9, 2009

Come See About Me

So. It's been one heck of a summer so far. I [Erika] don't even know where to start, really. So many things have happened. And it's all 100% weird cause I don't have school to go back to in the fall [hopefully]. But yeah, like I said. Lots of things have happened. Both good and bad. And here's a list to fill all y'all in on my life. :)

1. Tigers' game.

This has definitely been one of the highlights of the summer so far for me. Rebekah won Tigers tickets at a thing a few months ago, and let me tell you. They were GREAT seats. Rebekah and I were sitting on the 3rd baseline only about 15 rows back. Best seats I've ever had. It was spectacular despite the loss. And believe it or not, the good news doesn't end there! It was kids' day, so if you were with a kid, then you were able to go on the field w/ them as they ran the bases. So much fun. I can now say that I have been on the field at Comerica Park, ran the bases at Tigers' Stadium, thrown a football on Ford Field, and skated at the Joe Louis Arena. Palace of Auburn Hills, here I come. :)

In front of the Tigers' Dugout. Yeeaah.

My Tiger: Brandon Inge. Adam's tiger: Gene Lamont

2. Weddings galore.

As you can see from Jessica's post a few down, we went to Alyssum's wedding. And then the very next weekend we went to Andrew's wedding. They were both fun. I love dancing at weddings. :) It's my favorite part. I'm still waiting for somebody to play Boom Boom Pow, though. Buter - it's all you. As for the ceremonies, they're nice too. . . but, I don't know. It's just weird seeing so many people my age getting married. Goodness. I'm not an adult yet! Why are people my age getting married?? But. It's been great for seeing all my friends. It'll be weird not going to a wedding this coming weekend.

They are on their way to win their 2nd cup in 2 years. And I love that it is agains the babies of the NHL - Malkin and Crosby. Good gracious. Do I hate them! My hatred for Crosby rivals that of Barry Bonds and Kobe Bryant. And if you know me and my position on these people, you know that is saying something. But... *sigh* Zetterberg, Lidstrom, Datsyuk (welcome back, you were missed), Franzen, Maltby, Abdelkader (Who'd ever heard of this guy??), Osgood, Draper, Helm, Rafalski, Cleary, Filpulla, Hudler, Homstrom, Hossa, Kronwall, Samuelson, and any other Wing I might have missed, you all hold my heart. Thanks for being awesome. Also. Thanks, NBC for taking away JoeVision, I was really hoping that I wouldn't be able to go downtown and enjoy the game on the big screen. It's much appreciated. SIKE.

4. Job searching/Classing.

Yes. Classing - it's a word. It means to be in class and doing things for that class. Blah is what I have to say to this part. Blah. Blah. Blah. Who knew this is what came after graduation. Ok. I guess I did, but that doesn't mean I am enjoying it in anyway. But. Just so you know what I'm doing with my life, right now I'm just looking for a temporary job as I finish up my last class and prepare for my art show in the fall. I did get a job at Blockbuster [yes, with Jessica], and I have a couple other prospects right now... but I will mention those later if something actually comes from them. But for now, all I have to say is: jobs, class, loans, money [or lack thereof], and tuition - BOO!

5. Computer crash. . . ?

Yes. You read that right. My computer just might be done-for. Which totally sucks. And I don't really want to spend too much time writing about this cause it sucks, but. Yeah. I'm using Timmy and Rebekah's computer right now. :( My poor little Mac . . . Come back to me . . . please?

6. Adam.

Haha. Yes, Adam - you get your own point. He and Hal (Whose birthday is today, by the way - happy birthday, Hal!!) came over to Jessica's house and we played [and won] games like Catchphrase and Uno attack. And then watched Taken. Great movie . . . I just wish it wasn't hyped so much [andrew...]. And our interactions w/ Adam don't end there. On Sunday, Jessica and I went to his church to hear his band play. Adam plays the bass, and it was great fun. We didn't even get lost on the way there. Or get a ticket because of Jessica's lead foot. But if you ever go to one of Adam's concerts, don't get excited if there is a microphone stand in front of him. He is probably not going to sing. Even though I wish that he would. And then we went to Red Robin for lunch. And Adam got egg on his burger. Weird? Yes. Jessica, Hal, and I all got normal lunches. And it was fun.

Umm.... I think that's about all I've got for you right now. Ooh. I did love the storms yesterday. You know, as long as they don't cause mass destruction, I am totally fascinated by storms.

Also. One more thing. I'm reading Captivating, and it's so good so far. :)

Ok. That is all.
Peace out.


Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor they may not be broadcasting the Red Wing game tonight. :(

Jessica and Erika said...

wonderful blog there, miss erika.
i especially love how you repeated that we can beat Adam and Hal in everything we ever play against them ;)


Adam O'Neil said...

Thanks for the entire point to myself! Do I have to reiterate the truth about what happened in Catchphrase? Honestly... we won the first two out of three and then you won the second two out of three, if anyone reading this is confused, go ahead a look at the previous blog about this and find the full discussion. Also, thanks for the band shout out!! And do not knock the Royal Red Robin Burger until you have tried it, Trevor thought it was weird too, until I made him get one, now that is all he gets!

Andrew said...

1. Sorry for hyping one of the best movies ever. Not my fault you don't see how awesome and amazing and spectacular it really is.

2. You've complained about never really winning anything before, but the fact that you've been on the playing surfaces of so many sporting venues makes me feel ZERO sympathy for you at all. Stop complaining you whiner.

3. Job searching blows.

4. Go Wings!!!

5. Eggs on a burger is not that weird. I've seen it before. Never had it, but seen it. Essentially, it's like a sausage mcmuffin, except with a hamburger bun.

6. You really should tell the whole truth.

Jessica and Erika said...

Stop trying to be bff with Adam when you are already bff with us.
Look it up.

ps. no offense adam ;)

Adam said...

1. Don't be sorry for hyping one of the BEST movies in the recent few years, no need to apologize for that!


3. It is very delicious, thanks for the back up

4. They both have a problem with not telling the whole truth, thus asking if I have to continually defend myself and Hal and bring out the entire truth.

Jessica and Erika said...

1. I said it was great.

2. The only reason I have been to all those places is because I have younger siblings. I was on the ice at the Joe cause KENDAL won a contest. I was at this tigers game cause REBEKAH won a contest. I went to Ford Field cause KENDAL was part of the Lion's kids' club. And I was at Tigers' stadium cause My grandma has the hook up. I still rarely win things.

3. yes.
4. YEAH.
5. Ok.
6. I do! You and Adam are both just sore losers w/ the same weird logic.

Also - you're welcome, Adam. I'm glad you appreciated the whole point.

- Erika

Andrew said...

1. Then why complain about the hype?
2. Yeah, but that's just as good as winning. So don't pretend like you've never benefited from contests/drawings.
3-5. yep
6. How is the truth weird logic? To me, it seems like you and Jessica are the ones refusing to admit defeat.

Erin said...

Erika! I miss you.
So sad to hear about your poor computer! :-( I hope it starts working again!

As for the song, you are more than welcome to request it at my wedding! They listen to guest's requests. So... DO IT!