May 31, 2009

Green Eyes

Green eyed Alyssum finally went and got herself married to her Canadian. And we saw it.

Yesterday, we (me-Jessica, Erika, Kate, and Andrew) made the perilous journey into the frozen winter wasteland of Canada to watch the nuptials of Alyssum and Matt.

We got held up at the border for a little bit going into Canada (the border patrol man was totally flirting with Kate)...and got lost in the cones trying to get to the bridge...and we pulled up to the border way before we were supposed to. It's quite confusing...they should have more signs telling us newbies what to do. But at least we didn't get so lost that we missed the entrance into Canada and went back to the States like Jamie. :)

Once we hit the border, we realized that we left the wedding present in Kate's room. We're a bunch of geniuses.

The ceremony was great and the dancing afterward at the reception was even better. But even better than that were the bikers that were chillin' outside of banquet hall. Kate was in love...with the bikers...and the border patrolman...and a Canadian.

The way back to the US was pretty uneventful until we made it to the border again. I was really excited because I had won a bet with Adam, so I was texting him...and the border patrol man said something to the effect of "any other border patrol man would have gone (pardon my...or rather...his french) 'ape shit' on me for having my phone out and we'd get stuck in an hour long process of being checked at the border." Again, more signs with more directions would have been appreciated.

We're so lucky that we didn't get arrested or detained on this trip...

P.S. On a side note, last week, Erika, Kate, Adam, and Hal came over and we had a game/movie night. I would just like it to be known that Adam and Hal lost to a bunch of girls while playing Catchphrase. For shame.


Adam said...

i believe you are failing to mention that hal and I took the first series of 2 out of three, then you three took the next series, I would also like to add that even after all the games we had accumulated more points because of how badly we beat you three in our victories

Erika said...

Adam. You are lame.
Just admit defeat already.

Adam O'Neil said...

It would be lame if it weren't true, what is truly lame is trying to claim tremendous victory while not telling the whole truth

Andrew said...

I don't know what you guys are talking about but Adam is right!!!!!!

Jessica and Erika said...



Adam said...

Thank you Andrew, you are a Gentleman and a Scholar!