Jul 14, 2009

Beat It

So, I [Erika] think the time has come to update you all on my life.... although, I'm not so sure there is much to update really. But. I'll tell ya what I know.

I think the first order of business is to say that the Red Wings broke my heart this year, and there is nothing more that I am going to say about that. It's hard for me to even write that much. Pathetic? Maybe. But it is what it is. Also. I hate Sidney Crosby. And that is that.

Also. Due to some changes in teams this summer, I have been forced to reevaluate my soulmates on some teams. If you are unaware of my soulmate rules, check 'em out. For those of you who don't know, my Pistons soulmate - Amir Johnson is officially gone. He was traded or something. So sad. But luckily, Rodney Stuckey is still around, so he is now my new Pistons soulmate.

Things aren't looking very good for my Red Wings soulmate Jiri Hudler right now either. Who wants to play in Russia?? Apparently Hudler. I'm going to put this change on hold, though until I hear something more concrete.

Last bit of sporting news - shout out to Granderson [my Tigers soulmate], Inge [my favorite tiger - still love him despite the 0 homeruns at the homerun derby], Verlander, and Jackson for making the All-Star game.

Haha. Now that I've bored you all to sleep with my soulmate rantings, I'll tell you what's really going on in my life. :) Which really isn't much.

I finally saw Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and absolutely loved it. Some day I want to own one of those Camaros. And I'm not usually one for a sports car. I like Jeeps. But man oh man. That's a good looking car. And Shia LaBeouf.
Enough said. Remember when he was Louis Stevens on Even Stevens? Haha. I do.

I'm still working at Blockbuster and haven't made too many mistakes yet. *knock on wood* And no crazy stories yet either. At least none that I'm going to put on here. ;) How's that for mystery? I also got offered a job at Old Navy, although I'm not sure I'm going to take it because I also interviewed for a job at a shoe store, and it went well. I'm hoping they offer me that job. I find out tomorrow if I got that. And just so you all know. These aren't jobs that I plan on having for a long time. Just enough to get me through the last class of mine and on my feet with some of these student loans that are going to start coming due soon. I don't aspire to be a shoe lady. :)

And I think that's about that. Sorry for the rambling, boring blog that this was. I just felt like it had been a long time since I updated... so I updated. :)

One more thing - how 'bout all these celebrity deaths? Michael Jackson [tribute to him w/ the title], Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, and Billy Mays? Crazy-land.

Ok. Peace Out.


Jessica said...

#1 - Good old RODNEY :)
#2 - oh shia. what a good looking guy.

Daniel said...

Is it safe to say that if being a shoe lady was your career that you would have to throw yourself in front of a train?

Andrew said...

Even though Inge didn't hit any homers, I wish I could have watched.

Rodney is a good choice.

Still need to see Transformers 2.