Aug 28, 2008

The New Girl In Town

Training has commenced. I have to say that before training, I really wasn't that excited to work. I felt kind of laissez faire about the whole working thing.

But yesterday, we reviewed the history of the company (you have to know where you've been to know where you're going) and the nerd that I am cried at almost every single video that they showed.

I just love Disney. I probably bleed Disney.

When I was a little kid, I was all about Disney. Disney was always magic.

And apparently, it still is. :)

We learned lots of stuff, most of it all old info for me, but one tidbit of info totally shocked me and I'm gonna share it with you.

Disneyland Paris has more visitors every year than the Eiffel Tower does.

Take that. Chew on it. Think about it.

I don't know. It at least it fascinated me.

Today I learned how to use a cash register. At first, I was dreading this process. It's not like I've been working a cash register for 4 years or anything. But Blockbuster's registers still run on DOS and Disney is in the 24th century or something. It's waaaay more advanced. But better. And I love it.

I would also like to add that I went one whole day without getting lost. I didn't even have to stay holed up in my apartment all day. I actually went on a trip that lasted like 30 minutes total and didn't get lost once. Yessss.


I miss all of you terribly. I wish that you could be here with me. Send me emails and letters (if you email me, I'll give you my addy - I'm not a total idiot about internet safety) and stuff. If you send me something, I'll send you something of equal or lesser value. :)

Love you all!



andrew said...

I believe that about Disneyland Paris. Not too shocking to me.

And your crying at the Disney videos is no sadder than me crying whenever Michigan loses. Or when they get an emotional win.

Anonymous said...

i knew you could go at least one day without getting lost...keep it dont want to be in flo-rida and be in the apt. all day!!