Aug 22, 2008

Life is a Highway

First things first. I have 3 words.

Naked Mountain Winery.

Ok. I'll get back to that's what happened since I last blogged.

- I quit my job at Blockbuster. On my last day, one of my favorite customers bought me ice cream. Unfortunately, he bought it for me w/3 hours left in my shift, so it was pretty melty...
- Julie and Scott became Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hamilton. It was about time.

- Some of my great friends (Andrew, Austin, Alyssum, Caitlynn, Jamar, and Alison) came to visit me before I began my trek down to Disney. We hung out and went to Los Tres Amigos and then ate some ice cream cake that I made. That may or may not sound super fun to you, but it was for me :)
- My FAVORITE olympians (Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor) won their 2nd consecutive gold medal in beach volleyball. I heard that they won it for you, Andrew...just to spite you...

- I began my trek down to Disney. My dad is helping drive down (I wasn't brave enough to battle Hurricane Fay by myself) and being we have a time share in Virginia, we made a major detour and stayed the night there. It was a rustic, equestrian time share (they probably train for the Olympics, eh Austin?), so I was a little skeptical about staying in log cabins, but they had fancy accommodations that included the Disney channel, so I was set. Here's some things that I noticed on our trip:
*Naked Mountain Winery. It's located in Virginia and it's off of I-66 eastbound at exit 18 for those of you interested in visiting.
*The trees are already changing colors :(
* The cheapest gas we found was for $3.39
* My aunt found this newfangled gasoline saver thing that you put in your gas tank, so we're getting like 36 miles to the gallon.
* UPS is EVERYWHERE. We saw and counted 31 UPS trucks in a period of 2 minutes (we passed a hub).
* That Kid Rock song is no longer popular in just Michigan. We heard it on the radio 5 times in 3 hours.
* I got a pepsi slushie for my big gulp and it tasted like popcorn :( I dumped it and had to buy another one. :(

On a separate note, as you'll probably read in a future blog, Erika made a tribute to the Office on her birthday. I decided to thus make a tribute to Friends, particularly Ross, and got myself some extra toilet paper and kleenex from our time share room. Yes.

Lastly, I decided to write a book. I've always wanted to and decided that I could get started and hopefully make more money off of the book then I spend writing/publishing the book. Don't ask me to tell you about it, because I won't tell you. For those of you who think I'm a bad secret keeper, I'll prove to you otherwise.

Oh! Lastly for real, Austin is the newest employee in the admissions office! YAY!!!!!!
(sorry if I just stole all of your thunder, Austin, but I couldn't help it)

- J


Andrew said...

Woooo! Now I pretty much know everybody in the admissions office now.

I'm glad that both MMT and KW are taking a year off for pregnancy. Hopefully they'll become fat and lazy so I won't ever have to see them on TV ever again.

And here are more specific directions to Naked Mountain Winery:
I'm sensing a road trip.

Erika said...

YYAAAAAYYY for women's beach volleyball!!!
they're DEFinitely the best ever.

Anonymous said...

so....what the book about???

James said...

hahaha-- that volleyball game was sick. when that chinese girl got blasted straight in the face... that made my night.

Lindsay Goodrich said...

I just got back from visiting my niece. My new favorite song from the Disney channel is "Hot dog, Hot dog, Hot Diggity Dog!" Do you know what I'm talking about? If not then you better learn it. I expect you to sing it for me when you return to the office.
:) J/K
Hope your slushies don't ever taste like popcorn again.

kate.yo said...

is the book about your traumatic childhood and the time your dad forced you to go skiing?