Aug 26, 2008

A Whole New World

Well, I guess I should just start where I left off...because there's at least one good story in between there and me arriving at Disney...

We totally got creamed by Hurricane Fay. That sucked. I think I prefer blizzards. I know, I know. Who prefers blizzards to rain and wind storms, right? It must be the Alaskan in me...

My dad and I finally arrived in Orlando when I realized that I had made a fatal mistake in South Carolina. This is how it went right before we left SC:

Dad: "Jessica, we're leaving in 15 minutes. Get out of bed."
Me: "What?? I thought we were leaving in an hour!"
D: "Nope. Move it."
*I get ready in 13 minutes
Me: "Ok, my straightener is still on. I'm gonna stick it in the fridge so it cools down before we hit the road."
D: That sounds like a good idea.

Basically, not a good idea, because I awoke the next morning in a panic when I realized that I never moved the straightener. Crap, crap, crap.

Don't get to depressed because of me, though. My dad bought me a new one.

I dropped my dad off at the airport Sunday morning and started crying after he got out of the car. The toll booth people must have thought I was having a serious breakdown b/c my face was all red and puffy and I had tears trickling down my cheeks.

I then proceed to spend all of Sunday holed up in my room watching the Disney channel and talking to Andrew on IM and Erika and the phone. I survived.

The next morning, I packed my stuff up and left for Disney (don't worry - there was no refrigerator in my room, so i didn't leave my straightener again).

And I just want to let you all know that God really does answer prayer, because I've been praying for God to send me a good roommate that was a Christian and someone that would be able to live with me peaceably and God answered my prayers and more. The very first girl I meet (Mandy) is the one that God sent to me and now we're roommates. She just graduated from a Christian college in North Carolina and wants to pursue a career in acting. She'll be working in Epcot and has to memorize a 28 page monologue for her job. Sick. But she can't wait.

So anyway, the similarities carry on. She's an army brat too, is highly allergic to mosquitoes (exactly like me - it's soo weird, erika), and basically, the list goes on and on. We're pretty similar, so it's great that God sent her to me. It's just too bad I look high in our very first picture :(

Haha. I almost forgot. She supports me and Erika and our quest to meet/marry the Jonas brothers. Being she's going to be famous someday, I think our percentages of meeting/marrying have gone up exponentially. :)

I just found out that I'll be working in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. I'll probably be skipping around to a lot of different shops in that area. Basically, the hours are crap (it's possible I'll have to be there at FOUR in the morning or work until 2-3 in the morning. Blech.), so don't mind me if I get really cranky sometimes from lack of sleep...or forget to blog because my body clock will be so out of whack...

And here are some pictures, so you can visualize EVERYTHING.

Don't judge me - it's a work in progress. We were really tired yesterday and got lost A LOT (like, an insane amount - even for me) so we didn't have a chance to unpack yet. I can update pictures as the apartment looks a little more lived in...that is, if you don't judge me...

Our bathroom and HUGE closet that you really can't see.

Our bedroom. Bet you can't guess which bed is mine...

Our living room...we still don't have the TV set up...or anything set up... yet...

Our kitchen. There's not too much to say about that...

I hope that gives you all a little look into my new life.

Don't worry. I won't forget you when I'm famous.

- Jellens


Erika said...

yay yay yay!!!

this blog made me very happy. :D
and it looks like we have someone else to euthanized.
(if she reads that, please explain) :)

andrew said...

Phew. Good thing your dad bought you a new straightener. I was so distraught.

Your odds didn't go up EXPONENTIALLY. More like 2 or 3 times what they originally were. So you still have basically no chance.

Haha. Now you can know how I feel waking up early. But who the h-e-c-k shops that early in the morning or that late at night?

But I'm glad you're safe and I hope you have tons'o'fun.

P.S. - You were talking to Erika while you were chatting with me online? I knew the vball thing was a conspiracy!!!!

kate.yo said...

you would work in fantasyland. you naughty, naughty girl.

Anonymous said...

HI MANDY! haha jk....glad you made it there safely and that you got a straightner sike...but i am glad you made of course...i have the same blanket thats on ur bed...and what is erika talkin about??? lol