Jan 29, 2009

Do You Remember?

I (Jessica) finally caved.

I'm writing my 25 random facts. And you get to read them. I hope they make you laugh rather than want to throw up a little.

1. I HATE peeing. Unfortunately, God gave me a bladder the size of a chihuahua's.

2. I haven't had chocolate milk since I was in kindergarten. I saw a boy drink it and throw up, and have since quit it cold turkey.

3. Six months ago, I never noticed Volvos, but now I'm always curious and try to look at the driver.

4. The scar on my lip is courtesy of a poorly planned game of volleyball in a room with a [formerly] mounted deer head.

5. I have never hated my life more than the 2 days that I had to lift and stack strollers at Magic Kingdom.

6. I think that my dad could beat up my new roommate's dad, no problem.

7.I have ever only had 2 regrets in life
- I didn't take my picture in front of the Black Pearl at WDW
- I didn't buy a Disney Princess waffle iron in the shape of Cinderella's carriage
- Since working at Disney, I rectified both regrets so that now I have none.

8. Speaking of the Black Pearl, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl 7 times in the theater.

9. I have never dated, or even kissed a boy for that matter.

10. Part of the reason #9 exists is because I'm slightly afraid of rejection, but it's mostly because I just haven't found the right guy yet.

11. I make jokes about how I want to fulfill gender roles (staying in the kitchen, not wanting to drive, etc...), but I'm actually fairly serious about wanting that for my life.

12. I can't let my bare hands touch dishrags or sponges that have already been used on dishes.

13. I used to be pretty unique in remembering people's birthdays until stupid facebook came along and made it easy for everyone to remember them.

14. I love to buy gifts for people, but I never have enough money to do so.

15. While at Disney World, I had a dream where they picked me to be a Belle character and when I woke up and realized it was just a dream, I almost cried.

16. While working at Blockbuster one summer, I rented over 100 movies and watched about 80 of the movies I rented.

17. I feel like I lost some of my innocence watching the Block Party Bash at Hollywood Studios. Green army men should never under any circumstances do any form of the pelvic thrust.

18. I can't wait until I'm an old woman and I can partake in Senior Citizen discounts, play BINGO all the time, and call young people whippersnappers.

19. I can relate almost any situation in life to either an episode of "The Office" or "Friends."

20. I cry ALL the time watching movies or reading books, but hardly ever cry in real life situations. I even cried while watching "Elf."

21. I love to take jumping pictures, but not as much as I love to photo-bomb people and jump in their pictures.

22. If I really like a book, I reread it more than any human being should. I read the Chronicles of Narnia twice a year, have read each Harry Potter book 7 times,and have read each Twilight book four times since June.

23. I really hope that my Disney World roommate gets famous because she said she'd put me in one of her movies and introduce me to other famous people.

24. If I didn't have a GPS, I don't think I could find the way from my bedroom to the kitchen.

25. I would love it if Rasheed Wallace from the Detroit Pistons punched me, just so that I could tell people that Rasheed Wallace punched me.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

You went on a date last night. Cross that off your list.

Can't let your barehands touch dishrags and such? That is just as weird as me.

Better hurry up on the Rasheed punch. He'll be gone after this year.