Apr 19, 2009

We Win!

This is epic.

This is the first blog since August that Erika and I have actually written TOGETHER.

Also epic: this weekend.
It included Relay for Life, Mario Kart tourneys, baseball games, Taco Bell, Meijer runs, Friends marathons...and CORN DOGS (or, as labeled, corn battered frankfurters on a stick).

#1 - Relay for Life.
It was a pretty dinky turnout this year, but our team raised 1/5 of the total money earned.

Also, When the Clouds Run for Cover played a concert for us

and Erika I walked a total of 2 hours around the track with lots of fun people.

Pablo made another appearance this year and enjoyed it thoroughly, mostly due to the fact that he never got kidnapped. He just got loved on by a little girl.

#2 - Mario Kart Tourneys
We SLAUGHTERED Adam in MK. A lot of talk for someone with very little game ;)
As if anyone could hope to beat us.

#3 - Baseball game
This was the first athletic event that Erika and I had been to all year. Quite a big difference from last year. Our team is pretty much amazing, as usual. And the sun was shining, which was glorious. The only not glorious thing was the ladies behind us who were talking about us like we couldn't hear them. Too bad for them, I have super sonic hearing when it comes to eavesdropping, not real life.

#4 - Taco Bell
Tasty as always, and I won $25 off of my cup! YAY!

#5 - Meijer run
Erika and I witnessed a sight not suitable for the internet. But we also got the makings for fondue and we got corn dogs!!

#6 - Friends marathon
Is any weekend without our favorite friends a complete one? I think not. They'll be there for us!

#7 - CORN DOGS!!
When you mix corn dogs with Friends marathons, life is just that much more worth living :)

Other than that, it's hotter than the blazes in our dorm room, so I'm going to go to the art building now to do photo stuff and Erika is going to cut her toe off in protest.

Ok, Peace out.
Jerica Mellens

PS - Red Wings are totally dominating. Series: 2-0. For those of you who live under a rock.


Andrew said...

"They'll be there for us" - cheesiest thing you could have said.

Erin said...

Wish I could have enjoyed corn dogs with you!
And Taco Bell... I've been craving it for the entire time I've been here and have yet to get it....
And Meijer...Geeze. I think I miss you guys.

E said...

This is the internet Jessica almost everything on here is unsuitable