Apr 15, 2009

Let's Go to the Zoo

For Easter, my (Jessica's) parents took me to the Cleveland Zoo.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not think that this zoo belongs in the top 5 in the US...or whatever it's ranked...

I love the Detroit Zoo. It was the first ever zoo that allowed animals to live in their "natural habitats" as opposed to keeping them in cages, like the Cleveland Zoo. Boo.

Free - YAY!!


Not free - Poor little jaguar :(

But it was nice to get a little time off and go on a vacation with the family. Even if this monkey didn't think so. He's mostly mad that he's in a cage :(

Poor little monkey.

In better news, one of my photos from photography class got hung up on the "Photo of the Week" wall! Yay!! I'll scan a copy in...eventually...as soon as I get to the library...but it won't be the exact picture, because that one's ON THE WALL!!!!

Oh. Lastly...

Animals Rule!


Andrew said...

That monkey looks more sad than mad :(

We should free them.

Anonymous said...

I thought your first jaguar looked awfully clear. You didn't find one happy animal? Not even a kangaroo?