Dec 10, 2008

Just a Dream

I know that I really haven't written anything in a life hasn't been super overly exciting lately...and I'm kind of tired a lot, so I forget a lot of what's happening to me if I don't write it down right away.

My bad.

So what's been happening to me lately?

I've been working a lot. A lot, a lot. When I'm not working, I'm running errands and such. But here's a recap on my life in the past week...ish...

I was able to go to the mall last week with Mandy after I got out of class. We mostly just window shopped, but we also got to go to Borders and I got the TV show, Chuck, for only $25! That pretty much brightened up my life :)

Don't worry - for those of you not versed in the hilarity of Chuck, we can watch it together when I get back and it will be fantastic.

Yesterday was the last day of my class, and yes, the last time I would see my friend Tyler. Sad.

We also totally schooled our group project on Jones Soda. It's nice to be done with classes. Finally.

I also learned that it's impossible to take a normal picture with Jeff. It's just never meant to be, I guess.

The guy in the background? So weird. And he wears his shirts unbuttoned so that you can see his chest hair. Sick.

I also graduated from the Disney College Program yesterday. It's kind of insane that I'm coming home in less than a month now. Time has seriously flown.

Now. Something a bit more recent and memorable.

Today, I was able to go to Magic Kingdom with my friend and coworker, Taryn, but not before I made Belgian waffles for breakfast :)

Characters mistook us for sisters. That may be because we told them we were. Go figure. For a more comprehensive look at the pictures from today (and the rest of my trips to the parks from this year), click here. We got to meet the princesses and the fairies and we ate hot dogs and rode rides. Spectacular.

I really can't believe that I get to be here at Walt Disney World right now. It really is a dream. I've met incredible people and have gotten to do so many fantastic things.

But I can't wait to come home.

Love always,


Andrew said...

I can't wait for Belgian waffles!!! Neither can Zaq.

The only man who can pull of chest hair is Harrison Ford.

Erika said...

that man w/ the mickey mouse ears is our of control in both of those pictures.

and. that's so cool how you did click "here" you have to show me that trick....

kate.yo said...

andrew. you love david hasslehoff's chest hair.

kate.yo said...

also. that guy looks like such a creeper gross man (the chest hair guy), and the hot guy looks stoned out of his mind. and. i can't wait til' you come back so i can follow you around and write down everything you do. "jessica laughed at home alone for the 13 millionth time."

E said...

No the only man that can pull off chest hair was Charlton Heston and he's dead now so no one can.