Dec 14, 2008


Ok. I know I [Erika] talked about this in my last post, but it's so monumental that I have to mention it again.

It's crazy that I'm done with my first semester of my senior year. Man. Time flies.

So yeah. I'm home now. Which... won't last for long.
My "break" is not really a break at all. It kinda stinks. My breaks are always crazy. Here's what's happening:

Dec. 12-16 in Michigan
Dec. 16-26 in South Carolina
Dec. 26-28 or 29 in Indiana
Dec. 28 or 29-Jan. 2 in Michigan
Jan. 2-Jan. 24 in Costa Rica

It's crazy. I am doing so much it's not even funny. It'll be good - I'm excited to go down to South Carolina to see my family, but I also kinda just wish my breaks were just that - breaks. But! I won't be bored, right? :)

In other news, I'm a freak.
I get songs stuck in my head like it's my job. Last week as I was trying to fall asleep, I had 2 different songs go through my head, neither of which I had just listened to. So I decided to go through the day [midnight to midnight] and write down which songs I get in my head. Here's the list:

1. That song from Hannah Montana when she is learning the bones of the body
2. “Don’t stop Believing” – Journey
3. “The Sound of Settling” – Death Cab for Cutie
4. “Beverly Hills” – Weezer
5. “You Can Have Whatever You Like” – T.I.
6. “Unwritten” – Natasha Bedingfield
7. “Hot and Cold” – Katy Perry
8. “Keeps Getting Better” – Christina Aguilera
9. “I Don’t Care” – Fall Out Boy
10. “Blessed” – Robert Randolph and the Family Band
11. “Bend and Break” – Keane
12. Some Christmas song… I can’t remember which one
13. “So What?” – P!nk
14. “Mano Mano, Beso Beso” – a Tagalog Christmas song.

The ones in italics are the ones that I actually heard. All the others just popped into my head for one reason or another. So, just to reiterate how much of a freak I am, the total came to 14 songs, only 5 of which I actually heard that day. Another sad thing about this list is that I only like half of the songs.... oiy.

That's about that. I'll do my best to keep this updated throughout my adventures... but we'll see how that works out...

Ok. Peace out.


Andrew said...

Confession - I love Christina Aguilera.

And Robert Rudolph and the Family Band did a cover of "Jesus is Just Alright" by the Doobie Brothers. And it is awesome.

Hope you have fun on your "break"

Jessica said...

the bones song!!! yessss!

i'll miss you like crazy.

kate.yo said...

mano mano beso beso. chimpanzee riding on a segway. sing these all day today.