Jan 5, 2008

Baby Got Back

I wrote this last week, but didn't have internet access when I did... so, here ya go. :o)

I love to people watch.  There are a few prime places, like most of you know - the lobby of any dorm building, the mall, the cafeteria, etc.  But I think the primo-people-watching-spot is the airport.  

Here I sit for another few hours (after the 8-hour escapade last night... different story, different post) waiting for my flight, and i think I'm just going to write down all that I see.  Y'all ready for this? 

It always cracks me up watching guys check girls out.  I mean, I know I'm supposed to get offended and be all like "we're not sex objects," which... we're not... but! I saw this guy check a lady on the escalator out.  She was going down and he was going up.  He definitely turned around and looked at her booty for a good... oh, i'd say at least 5 seconds.  Which is a long time when you stop and think about it. I watched the whole thing. When he finally snapped out of it and looked up, we made eye contact.  I wonder if he knew that I knew what he was doing.  :o) heh. And then as he passed me (like the lady, I was on the down escalator) I wonder if he did the same to me... or just felt like an idiot like he should have.  hmm.... the world will never know. 

Ohp.  There's somebody doing the I'm-really-late-for-my-flight-but-can-still-make-it fast walk.  ooooh.  Can I relate to those... I've had my fair share of running through the airport.  Let me tell you, not highlights of my life.  Oi. 

Little kids are the best.  I mean really, who else can get away with prancing, skipping, and running through the terminal?  Could you imagine if I did that? They'd call security and then have me admitted.  Kids are always so happy too.  Well, no. Take that back - I've heard my share of screaming children too.  But what I mean is - they don't let things like 2 cancelled flights, missed shuttles, and a booked hotel room get them down.  Oooh, the careless life of kids.  I miss it.  

"Adults," on the other hand, get just a tad perturbed when their flight is cancelled numerous times for "weather issues" when there is not a cloud in the sky (yes, I'm a little bitter...).  Last night, I think this lady had a little too much to drink at the Detroit 500 Club (located in concourse C of the McNamara Terminal - I know it like the back of my hand now if you ever need your help around...).  And when she found out that she would not be leaving Detroit that night, she had a few choice words for the airline assistants.  I'm sure it wasn't fun for the person on the other end of that convo, but it sure was great for me.  Security came and everything.  Hah. :o) it was great.  

Oi.  The battery's about to die. So - adios, amigoes. 
- Erika

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kate.yo said...

so. i'm just going through your blog. because i'm a bad friend who doesn't read it. but i really miss you. and needed to read you talking. :) and. i laughed out loud so much. holla!