Mar 30, 2009

Walk Like an Egyptian

Erika and I were observing a cultural phenomenon the other day.

While walking to McDonald's for some weekend ice cream, we discussed a drama class that I took in 7th grade where we analyzed the way that people walked. These are some of the things that my drama teacher said you could assume about people by their walking body language.

*Disclaimer: If you walk like one of these things and are offended by the description, it's not my theory. Don't even try to get mad at me, Andrew.

Walk #1 - The Sasquatch (my name for it, not his)

Essentially, this is walking with your head far forward. It means that you're not really aware of others around you, nor do you care what they think. You're highly motivated, and might be a little socially awkward.

Walk #2 - The Peacock

This is when a person walks with their chest being the forward central point of their body. It's pretty much like you have a string around you, and whatever your walk type is, that's where the string is pulling you from. (I know this picture sucks, but it's the best I could find...)

These people tend to be pretty well grounded, but depending on how far they stick their chest out can tell you how much they think of themselves. Super far out = pretty pompous. Erika is this walk but Erika is not pompous.

Walk #3 - The Hipster

This one is when you walk with your hips pulling you forward. I'm guilty of walking like this. I could not find a picture of this, but I did find a picture of a man doing an exercise.

People who walk like this tend to be popular and have a lot of self-esteem...sometimes to the point of arrogance...Spot on.

Walk #4 - The Sloucher

These people walk with their shoulders forward. They usually have little to no self-esteem or have been made fun of for being tall and try to compensate by being "shorter." Sometimes, this one can be mistaken for the Sasquatch. Don't be fooled.

So, that's all I want to talk about. Now you can all go around analyzing/judging people because of their walking habits.

You're welcome.

P.S. Emily, this one was for you. Not because I was thinking of a walk that you do, but now you have to get me a certain celebrity's phone number ;)


Andrew said...

#3 definitely fits you.

And I'm glad you felt the need to include me in your disclaimer.

Anonymous said...

HAHHAA. Okay, I will work on this...:) Thanks for updating the blog. :) Em

Anonymous said...

OK. Now that you are started, I'll bet you can come up with a bunch more comparisons and examples such as a camel walk, etc.

erikas mom said...

Erika, perhaps all the nagging from your mom to walk with your head up and your shoulders back contributed to your "peacock walk"